The Monday Mixtape – Am introduction

Recently i decided to start a new mix series called the ‘Monday mix tape’ mainly with the aims of increasing my social media following and gaining new fans and potential DJ bookings.Iv been wanting to do this for a while but haven’t had the time to do so, but now that iv recently finished uni, iv got more time to focus on making more music and putting mixes together.

To view the mixes, check the link below:


There’s no real set genre, im hoping that each mix will be different from the last, just to keep things interesting. The first mix featured lofi/house, the second mix featured drum n bass and footwork tracks, not sure where il go next in terms of style for the next mix, i might go somewhere different all together, who knows…! Although to be honest im thinking of putting together a lofi/hiphop mix, full of tracks that have inspired me and tracks from people from the vaarious lofi groups on facebook (more beats>less sleep, lofi dreamers etc)

Im always on the look out for new tracks, so If you want your music featured in the Monday Mixtape, send your music to