Music Producer + DJ

Traston Road Studios

Recording: £20/hr (includes mixing and mastering)


We believe that the best music is made when the artist/band is comfortable and able to openly express themselves freely. As such we work closely with each artist/band to craft there musical projects from the ground up, paying close attention to the artists wants and needs along the way.

Each project that is worked on is produced to the highest quality that satisfies both the artists criteria and our own set of high standards. We cater to a wide range of artists, from solo artists to bands, rappers, DJ’s, beatmakers and everyone inbetween, no project is too big or too small for us.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us via email: contact@tetrahexmusic.com.


DJ Deck Hire


Not only do we offer recording services, we also have a pair of reloop rp7000mk2 turntables and a dennon dnx120 scratch mixer available for those looking to explore the world of DJing and turntablism.

Here at Traston Road aspiring DJs are able to choose between using serato and a selection of real vinyl. If you would like to mix and DJ with your own music then feel free to bring that along on a memory stick/SD card.

kit list

Here you can view our inventory of equipment, ranging from mics, decks, controllers and everyting else inbetween.

x1 Shure SM57

x1 Shur SM58

x1 Rode NT1-A

x1 Aston Spiritx1 zoom h2n

Akai APC40 Ableton Controller

Axiom 49 Keyboard

Korg Nano Pad2

x2 Reloop RP7000 mk2 Turntables

x1 Denon x120 Mixer

x1 Serato DJ Pro

+100 Vinyl Records

x1 Roland SP404sx

x1 Phillips Cassette Recorder

x2 Yamaha HS7

x2 Sennhieser HD25

Fousrite 2i4