Music Producer + DJ

Stereo Master: £20/Track

Multitrack Master: £50/Track


Mastering is the last step in the production of a piece of music before it is released. By having your music masterd, you can ensure that it will sound good across a variety of platforms, from playback on streaming sites, to being sold on digital stores, and being played out over a sound system.



Audio Conversion is handled via an audient id44 audio interface that utilises the same preamps and converters found on many of audients larger studio consoles.


Monitoring is taken care via a pair of industry standard yamaha hs7 monitors. These monitors are known for there flat frequcny response, which makes them ideal for mastering duties.


When mixing and mastering, i use a selection of plugins from the Waves platinum bundle, as well as Avids Protools DAW for editing duties


Here a just a few examples of previous tracks mastered for a range of clients


Previous clients include: Jeremy Doe, X Dub, Paper Horizon, Danny Isola, Agris, Reformed Barz. Here are a few reviews:

TetraHex mastered a track of mine for an EELF premier on Youtube. His mastering technique is super good. Loved working with him

Jeremy Doe

Music Producer

Working with Tetrahex UK you get quality mastering and customer friendly service for a reasonable price, while personal sound preferences are taken care of!


Danny Isola

Music Producer@Isola Tracks

Technical Info

Masters can be deliverd in a range of digital formats to suite all needs and project types, from 16bit/44.1khz .wav/aiff files all the way to 32bit 196khz .wav/aiff files and everything in between.

(all masters delivered as high quality .wav/.aiff files unlease otherwise specified by client)

Accepted Sample Rates:

44.1khz, 48khz,  96khz, 192khz

Accepted Bit Rates:

16bit, 24bit, 32bit