DJ, Music Producer + Mastering Engineer



Tetrahex (aka Jack Hughes) is a newport based DJ and music producer that specalises in showcasing and producing lofi house and hiphop.

His own productions are best described as a meloncholic blend of warm bit-crushed beats merged with soulful samples plundered from pop cultures past.

Aside from DJing and producing, he also opperates a recording studio and works with artists to record, produce, mix and master their music to the highest standard. If you would like to ha your music recorded adn produced, send an email to COntact@tetrahexmusic.com to arrange a recording session.



SP404fx rack for ableton

So recently i came across a post on the facebook group "lofi.family" where a user was asking for some sp404 style effects to go on there finished beats. This made me realise that id previously built an effects rack for ableton that emulated the sp404. I did this when...

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Welcome to Tetrahexmusic.com

welcome to tetrahexmusic.com! Seeing as this is the first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Jack, and i make music! I started off as a live sound engineer for a church when i was 14, then went on to producing my own music at age 15 when i got hold of some...

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