Music Producer, DJ and Sound Engineer.


Tetrahex (aka Jack Hughes) is a music producer, DJ and sound engineer based in newport, south wales. He records, produces, mixes and masters music for a number of different clients, including singers, song writters, bands, DJ’s MC’s and everything in between.

When not working on other peoples projects, he also produces his own strain of electronic music, often bouncing between genres such as hiphop, house, footwork and lofi, just to name a few.

As an artist, Tetrahex started out releasing music to the underground via soundcloud, bandcamp and spotify. In recent years however he has gone from strength to strength releasing on a number of labels.

2016 Saw the release of “waves EP” on insert tapes, a collection of soulful, almost gospel inspired lofi hiphop beats, laced with retro R’n’B vocals, invoking an otherworldly sense of nostalgia.

2018 was the year that Tetrahex released his third tape “Late Night Beats, A gritty and Action packed sound track inspired by dark moods and urban meloncholy, on newly established lofi collective and label Urban Undergrounds.

Both beat tapes, along with many more tracks can be purchased via the bandcamp link below


Welcome to Tetrahexmusic.com

welcome to tetrahexmusic.com! Seeing as this is the first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Jack, and i make music! I started off as a live sound engineer for a church when i was 14, then went on to producing my own music at age 15 when i got hold of some...

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