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Tetrahex Music

Music production/Tuition/Sound Design


My name is Jack Hughes (aka Tetrahex) and i am a music producer, Engineer and Sound designer available for hire on a wide range of audio projects.

Skill set
  • Ableton Live 80%
  • Protools 75%
  • Logic 60%
  • Recording 80%
  • Foley & Sound Design 80%
  • Mixing 75%


Turn your musical ideas into fully produced and stream ready tracks. Production package includes song recording, mixing, additional instrumentation, arrangement and mastering.

Production Lessons


Learn to produce music in ableton live, logic FL studio and various other DAW’s from £20/lesson.

Subjects taught include: arrangement, mixing, mastering, sound design, synthesise, sampling, remixing, drum & synth programming and more.

Session Bassist


Add that much needed low end to your music for as little as £10/track. Baslines availble to suite all styles from jazz, folk, rock, reggae, funk, worship and more!



Basic recording package perfect for solo artists such as singer/songwritters looking to record there track. Includes track recording, mixing and mastering.



Have your track mixed and masterd by an experienced sound engineer.